1. Driver will be sent to your hotel or place and then drop you at our strip bar.

2. When you get to the strip bar, you can choose a girl in the glass room 

     There are more than 60 girls waiting for you.

3. After you have chosen the girl(s), you will move to a private room. There you          can talk and introduce you to each other.

4. Whiskey and unlimited side dishes will be served for you.

5. In last half of the session, Girls will lead you into even more

     exciting special course.

6. Move to our hotel and then you can play whatever you want with your girl.

7. After all done, Driver will return you back to your hotel or place safe.


The strip salon 2 hours session price is $500(cash price )
Pick Up Service, Premium Liquor, Fruits, Hotel Included!! 

Korean Premium Strip Bar

Korean style strip bar(Korean full salon)  

Tel. +82 10 8297 2910/ WhatsApp. +82 10 8297 2910/ E-mail. grandseoulescort@gmail.com

Kakaotalk. grandseoul7/ Wechat. grandseoul7